Wednesday, December 14, 2011

YA paranormal romance author Charlotte Blackwell's Embrace series!

Forbidden Embrace (Embrace #2)Forbidden Embrace by Charlotte Blackwell My rating: 5 of 5 stars This book picks up where the first one, Immortal Embrace, left off. It is about a family of vampires who have become a family as they learn how to live their lives after being embraced. Her newest sister is Danika, who is learning to survive and trying to find herself as a fledgling vampire and makes the normal mistakes of a teenager, but who lives in a much more dangerous environment--so her mistakes are much more costly. Sophia was suspicious of her from the start, but through Sophia, the reader begins to understand her too. I love the sweet romance between Sophia Pierce and her boyfriend, Nathan. It is packed with wonderful interactions between several of her friends and family as they survive a mortal world and dangerous vampires who hunt and feed on humans. Throw in two powerful witches who are the decendants of the witch who first helped this family of vampires, one guardian angel who must earn his wings through death, and you have a page turning novel you can't put down. I highly recommend this series to young adults and adults alike. Anyone who loves fantasy and paranormal will enjoy reading Charlotte Blackwell's paranormal Embrace series. So far I love this series, love Forbidden Embrace, and I was quick to start reading Mystc Embrace. I give it five stars. View all my reviews

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  1. Forbidden Embrace does pick up where it left off only to make me want more. I can't wait till I receive my copy of Mystic Embrace because with the last two books this author has put out, I couldn't put the books down and hope that I will be left alone long enough to be able to enjoy this next book of her series. It's a must read and you don't know what you are missing until you have read the books themselves. You feel what the characters feel and the true bond of friendship that should be the way it is in real life not just in books. The characters have accepted each other as they are, not what everyone thinks they should be. Way to go Charlotte. Can't wait for Mystic Embrace and the rest that follow


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